Red like Love...
Like the blood that runs through veins and fuels passions, like a curtain that opens on the stage of life and transforms every woman into
On the lips the most beloved color ever... An easy way to make the day take a new turn, in one gesture an explosion of meaning and poetry.

Lips that bewitch, that mesmerize,
fighting and reigning
Elizabeth, Coco, Aung San Suu Kyi, Grace, Marylin, Audrey or Michelle...
Leaders and queens, presidents or divines, never without.


Fabrizio D'Andrea
Global Creative & Art Director

Blink Eyes Fibers

BLINK EYES FIBERS is a volumizing and lengthening mascara with deep black fibers. Rich in plant emollients and regenerating oils, giving deep comfort over time. Lashes are dressed in boldness, emphasized by the presence of vegetable charcoal powder, which gives a very intense and deep black color.

This high-performance formula creates panoramic, refined and truly stunning volume.Developed specifically for professional makeup, it contains a marshmallow-effect powder and a film-forming agent, which promotes flexibility and elasticity, thus providing a striking look. Enriched with curved-shaped fibers that can enhance the false eyelash effect. These fibers, thanks to their special shape, fix on the lashes, increasing their natural length with an incredible curling effect.


Soft, easy-to-use eye pencil with a technical tool that facilitates blending. Smokey Eyes has as its main features excellent color release, which is about 50 percent higher than a standard pencil, and a formulation that ensures skin safety. Recommended for all women who need to intensify their eyes with a strong and deep stroke. 

It can be used on the upper eyelid for a soft stroke, blended in as a base for eyeshadows, or applied to the inner lower rima as a khôl with excellent staying power.

Matt Me Darling Silk

Liquid lipstick that silky coats the lips, creating an imperceptible, non-sticky film. The color is intense thanks to the presence of pure pigments, which give exceptional staying power. The texture is creamy and leaves lips soft and smooth. 

Deluxe - Duo Eyeshadow

The very high percentage of pearls from tropical seas (+45%), makes this product a true luxury item. The technology applied for this creation, makes the formula silky to the touch, with an ultra-sensorial, full, creamy and deep yet on-trend ultra-refined frost effect. An ultra sensorial powder, very thin, adherent and long lasting, without the use of any kind of solvent.

Application is facilitated by the applicator already contained in the package. The finish can be modulated by overlaying the two textures. The intense, multi-faceted color will give a deep 3D effect without highlighting expression lines.
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