Fall Winter 2020/2021

After the past months, we have all had the perception
that something inside of us has profoundly changed.
The things that previously seemed obvious to us,
like the freshness of dawn or the warmth of a hug at sunset,
all of a sudden they became our riches.
The need for a new airiness, the desire to start living our lives with new colors and in a new light,
they have returned to find their way into us … and this collection is a clear invitation to joy.
Dress your eyes in a new light with the sparkle of gold and bronze,
intensify your look with elongated and volumized lashes,
no longer be afraid to shed a tear or to dance in the rain, put on your lipstick and smile back at life …
precious as perhaps we had never seen it before … Life is an instant… it is a golden touch.

Fabrizio D’Andrea Global Creative & Art Director

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