Logo Collection Summer senses 2021 - Essential Professional make up Rome
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Want of Sun,
capable of warming and tinting our skin.
Want of Clean Air,
bringing with it the freshness of mint and
of all the smells of the Sea.
Want of Flavors,
saturated and sugary, of vanilla and ripe fruit.
Want of Explosive and Vibrant Colors.
In a few simple words...
Want of Life...
Of Summer and that crystalline and kaleidoscopic joy,
capable of enhancing our senses
and fixing our memories indelibly.

Fabrizio D'Andrea
Global Creative & Art Director

Matte eyebrow liner, which allows you to intensify the eyebrow arch in a defined and long-lasting way.

Water-resistant three-dimensional volumizing mascara . With each application, step after step , the elastic material applicator coats lashes with volume and extreme hold.

Matt Pencil-Ross that imparts unprecedented, practical and easy-to-apply cold* volumizing* comfort.

This wonderful long-lasting lip-stylo covers the lips with a silky veil of intense, no-transfer colour. 

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