Dream with me. Close your eyes and begin the Journey... try to imagine... the sound of the sea, the sun warming your skin, the shade of palm trees, the smells and tastes of summer... Good... Have you done that? Now come back to yourself--and keep that memory of pleasure alive in your mind, enjoy this moment of lightness, cheerfulness and color wherever you are right now. Be inspired by the new jumbo eyeliner and unleash your fancy, draw lines as thin like the horizon or graphics like kites "because your style and charm are unique." Ignite your senses! Put on Lip Glow Oil, now wait a few moments.... Because the magic of personalized smell and color has begun. Finally let yourself be hypnotized and surrender to the green scents of the dry oil of Hemp, Papaya, Mango and Vanilla. Your skin will be pleasantly nourished and your complexion naturally calmed and prolonged in time. Your hair exposed to the sun and sea salt will be expertly nourished and naturally protected. Smells and sensations help build our memories and have the power to transport us anywhere in an instant with just a touch.

Fabrizio D'Andrea
Global Creative & Art Director

Body Touch

Give your skin and hair a healthy, glowing appearance with BODY TOUCH: a dry oil spray that helps fight the unpleasant effects of weathering such as sun and salt, providing deep nourishment and anti-aging action, plus it prolongs the complexion and slows the process of color loss.

A gift with Body Touch is the new Essential Beach bag.

Hypnotic Eyes

Jumbo size eyeliner. Fluid, imperceptible, intense black and luminous self-filling gel formula. Thanks to its precision felt tip with an elongated oval shape, application is smooth gliding and simplified.
Super fast drying, it guarantees a flawless look in no time! Its texture allows for a deep, defined, thin or thick black line that adheres perfectly to the eyelid for an intense, smudge-free look for hours!
Gentle and easy removal with warm water only.

Rebel Eyes 3D Waterproof

Water-resistant three-dimensional volumizing mascara . With each application, step after step , the elastic material applicator coats the lashes with volume and extreme hold. The thick and creamy texture is enriched with vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, easy to apply and modulable. It contains porous microspheres that improve product deposition on the lashes, pigment dispersion and yield, and pigment adhesion and hold.

Lip Glow Oil

An ultra-emollient, self-pigmenting oil gloss designed to intensely protect, enhance and prolong natural lip color. A true treatment, Lip Glow Oil, nourishes, softens, moisturizes revitalizes and gives volume. This non-greasy, non-sticky lip oil combines treatment and glossy finish to create an ultra-bright effect. Lip Glow oil suits lips of any color by revealing a rosy glow that lasts for hours. The oily, non-greasy, non-sticky texture boosts radiance by forming a smoothing veil that shapes lips, volumizing them with a mirror-like effect.


Professional quality at home, innovative result and hyper-shiny finish. Essential nail lacquer is a state-of-the-art product, the result of technology developed to create extraordinary fluid formulas with exceptional ease of application, regardless of pigment. Excellent performance for coverage and against wear. Evaluated and tested by 30 independent manicurists.

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